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Your best solution for streaming cultural and performance-based content to
subscribers everywhere.

A Digital Alternative

When you need a sustainable platform to present cultural content and live or
pre-recorded events to your patrons, Viola can help with a unique channel for
subscribers to engage with.

Come for the Show, Stay for the Season

Do your viewers subscribe to multiple performances or events? With Viola you can customize every subscribers’ access by individual events or the entire season.

Customized to Meet Your Brand Needs

Viola provides a branded interface, so you can customize your logos and brand colours, to enhance your patron experience online.

Get your content into the hands of your ticket holders

Performance on Screen

If you’ve relied upon the in-person presentation of live performances or events, the impact of Coronavirus has no doubt changed the landscape for your organization. Viola is a comprehensive video broadcasting and streaming platform, allowing you to continue bringing events to your audience. They will get to engage with your content in a new and exciting way, whether it stays online for an hour or for an eternity. Easily manage access to your content with the ability to schedule broadcast start-times in advance and specify when the content should no longer be available to view.

With Viola, your patrons will have multiple viewing options to suit a wide variety of in-home experiences including Chromecast, Roku, Amazon Fire Stick/Fire Cube, Apple TV and more. Patrons will have the option to watch video events on their desktop, mobile devices and even cast to their Smart TV. Whether your content is available by paid subscription or through single ticket sales, Viola gives you control over patron access. When logged into your custom channel, each user will only be able to view the performances and events for which they have paid for.

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Viola is keeping culture alive by connecting performance organizations to their patrons. Bring performances and events to your audience through a customized and secure video-content broadcasting system.

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